Join the volunteer team at the Wanaka Trail Ride

Like many events in the area, the Wanaka Trail Ride would not be possible without the support of volunteers like you. Each year over 100 roles are filled by an amazing team of dedicated volunteers who enable the ride to run smoothly and safely for everyone taking part. Some roles require technical riding skills and others require no knowledge of trail rides whatsoever!

Depending on the role undertaken, volunteers will gain an insight into event planning as well as having the opportunity to meet new people, develop new skills and we hope will gain huge satisfaction from enabling this event to take place and raise funds for many of the local children at Montessori Children’s House Wanaka and Wanaka Primary School. In addition to putting on a fantastic event and raising money, we strive to make your involvement enjoyable and rewarding and worth giving up your time for!

Event day is Saturday March 30th with Sunday March 31st as back up.

We had some very positive feedback from previous years, have taken on-board volunteer suggestions and hope to see many familiar faces, along with some new ones in March 2019.

View role descriptions and sign up as a volunteer for 2019:

What was the best thing about volunteering with The Wanaka Trail Ride?

“Was such a buzz to be able to be able to help at this extremely well run event, making money for our local kids! Thank you for involving me.”

“Thank you so much for the coffee and BLT mid-shift, it was exactly what the doctor ordered on a chilly morning.”

“Helping out at a well run event and also in a well run catering tent. Happy helpful volunteers to work with and a warm welcoming catering leader. Plus the cups of teas brought to us.”

“Being part of such a well organised event – it is such a buzz out there.”

“The vibe in the pumping base paddock – the riders were just so excited to be there!”

“Such a buzz on the day! A bit nervous in the lead up but everything went really well and I would do it again next year!”

“I’ve totally got my hand up for the parking crew again!! Was a lot of fun with that team.”

“It’s great to have three hours or so of my time go towards raising so much money.. it’s a value for time volunteer event. If only all my other three hours of volunteer time helped make so much money!”

“It was an awesome event and it was great to be involved with it. It was so well organised – everything to me ran like clockwork and a wonderful bunch of people to work with.”

“Being involved with a great team of people and feeling like we did a great job.”

“Baking was delicious!!! And hot drink super welcome. Lovely to enjoy with fellow vollies after shift finished.”

“Awesome!!!! The volunteer co-ordinator did an amazing job at keeping us in the loop, even if it was just to let us know that they knew we had signed up but didn’t have a designated role.”

“It was excellent. So good to know exactly what was involved and who to talk to when we arrived and what to bring. Faultless.”

“Fun way to meet other parents from Montessori and Wanaka Primary, it was a good length of time and wasn’t very hard work.

“Being part of a fantastic event! Very well run.”

“The absolute enthusiasm from everyone there, from the volunteers to the riders, everyone was having a great time.”

“Great to see everyone working together for an event. Great having blokes involved as well.”

“I got to head out into the back country and see places that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to.”

“Met new people, saw how much fun people get out of trail riding. Saw a beautiful piece of land!”

“Doing it for Montessori… that it was a fundraising event. The atmosphere was positive and cheerful in an awesome setting (and that was just at base paddock!) – a privilege to be allowed onto private land. And that the punters had an awesome time and allowed onto otherwise ‘closed’ property – a real privilege to bring that pleasure to others.”

“Being able to contribute to the fundraising of Montessori.”

“Being involved with a great team of people and feeling like we did a great job.”

View role descriptions and sign up as a volunteer for 2019: